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Ocean Springs Upper Elementary Home of the Greyhounds

What's been UP in music classes at the UP in 2020?

WELCOME to Mr. Felt's 2019 -2020 music class page

We are making magic through music at OSUE.
Here's what's been UP in Mr. Felt's music classes:
We had 5 VERY successful performances of Mississippi My Home in February involving 19 classes with hundreds of 4th graders. You ALL did OUTSTANDING  singing, speaking, standing still, looking at me, using flat hands, and singing with 2 styles. Think about what advice you might give next year's 4th graders so they too can have successful performances.
Since then you have been practicing reading music, saying the rhythms, and playing the rhythms on percussion instruments in DUETS where there are 2 different rhythm parts being played at the same time. This requires a lot of skill and independence. It is obvious that many of you are actually reading the music and thinking for yourself. This is a HUGE step in being a musician!
We have been preparing you all year to be able to, if you choose, start an instrument and play in the band in 6th grade. You started the year working on THE most basic skill a musician has got to have which IS .  .  .  keeping a steady beat. You worked on reading music, both rhythm and pitch using the 5 line music staff. You have played (1)classroom rhythm instruments, which you also used to write an original rhythm composition; (2)drum sticks, which you used to play "Dueling Drumsticks"  and "The Unfolding Chair Song" (the only time in school where you were allowed to bang on the chairs); (3)bells where you played several songs including The Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker and the piano song Fur Elise by Beethoven. Finally you are learning to play songs on the recorder. Most of you have earned a green belt. Much of what you have learned to do on recorder will carry over to playing an instrument next year in 6th grade. Things like blowing air, saying Tu with your tongue, covering holes, and making a connection between seeing the note on the staff and the fingers used to make that note will all be similar to playing woodwind and brass instruments in 6th grade band.
ALL of my classes have made great progress this year in learning to make music. Enjoying music is a LIFE LONG pursuit - at school, at home, in the car, with others, and by yourself. Just turn it on!

Links   6th grade choir google classroom - code xsoce7h  Mr Felt's 4th and 5th grade music classes google classroom  - code nshdcmt