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Mrs. Christy Landrum » Welcome!! Mrs. Landrum's 5th Math/Science

Welcome!! Mrs. Landrum's 5th Math/Science

Hello, I am Mrs. Landrum.

Thank you for visiting my website.  My primary method(s) of communication is email.  Information is sent via this method weekly. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly using the “send email” link on the left.





  • Math Moves: Is a fantastic spiral review that keeps math concepts fresh. Please review these with your child before each quiz. 
  • Multiplication Facts: Students must master their multiplication facts in order to flourish within their mathematical educational pursuits.  Please understand we will be doing fluency quiz weekly to ensure their mastery, which is required for fifth-grade.






Late work is not accepted.

  • Math homework will be given on Monday for the week and will be checked daily for completion.
  • Students may work ahead, but not get behind.

Homework will be counted daily. Homework helps reinforce students learning, so homework completion can help or hurt your child’s grade, so make sure it helps:)

  • Please make sure your child studies appropriately. Students will be required to study science throughout the year. Please help your child discover the best methods to help them prepare adequately for their assessments: eg. flashcards, studying increments of 15 min. a night etc. 

Useful Resources to help with homework and/or class projects:
Power School:


Weeks News

Hello All,
Conversions of Metric Units: Test Wednesday 27th. 
Friday: iReady Quiz: Converting Metric Units
           Math Moves Quiz 20
           Decimal Quiz
We have been working hard learning conversions of metric units.  This is a tough lesson, so I am making sure to take our time.  Students are starting to finally get the hang of converting.  
We will keep working hard to work towards our test.  I originally was going to set the test for Tuesday, but am pushing it till Wednesday.  
We are in Week 20 of Math Moves and working towards our decimal quiz this Friday.  Students are adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing decimals to work towards their quiz for this Friday.  
iReady Lessons and Goal: This 9wks students are to only complete Assigned iReady Lessons.  Students have all been asked to complete their Assigned Lessons for their goal. They are all either lessons we are working on in class and/or lessons we have already covered.  We are wanting to get in as many review lessons as we can to ensure Mastery of 5th Grade standards.  
Grades will still be taken for the assigned lessons we are currently teaching in class.  Therefore, the conversion lesson will be taken for a minor grade.  However, the review lessons will still be counted as pass/fail in order for students to receive credit towards their goal.
Science: Test Wednesday 27th:  
We are in our final unit in science: Sun, Moon, and Earth.  We will be testing Wednesday as well.  Please start studying now for this Test.  
I loved the conversations we are having about the moon.  Students now have a new nightly homework, which involves viewing the moon nightly so to chronicle the moon's phases.  Students came in this morning completely engaged in conversations about the moon.  This homework will take about 3wks to finish so please help your child keep up with the moon sheet.    
When this unit is complete we will start our overall review.  We will be revisiting standards from the beginning of the year and doing a comprehensive overview.   
If you have any questions just let me know, 
Anytime, Mrs. Landrum


11/30: Weeks News: Christmas Party

Hello All,
I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Break and got well rested.  We are going straight back into dividing decimals.  Students are working hard at remembering the process.  This is a skill that can be difficult, so they may need extra support.  
The thanksgiving party was a Great Success.  The food was wonderful.  This was the first class party I did not leave with a belly ache, due to eating too many sweets.  Therefore, I am thinking of the same kind of class party.  Lots of real food....little bit of sweets.  
I just created a sign up for the Christmas Party, which will take place on the 60% day Dec. 19th.
Please click on the following to sign up:  Christmas Party
Also, We will have a Crazy Christmas Sock Secret Santa exchange.  You can go ahead and start looking now bc no matter who you get will just getting one pair of Crazy Christmas Socks.   
Math: Dividing Decimals
Candy Corner Packet is Due Tuesday!!
Dividing Decimal Test will be Tuesday.  
SciencePhysical & Chemical Changes  Test: Tuesday
We will begin studying for our CTA for science.  This will be a cummalitive test based on everything we have already learned.  This assessment will be taken for a test, so please start preparing today.  
Please study all outlines, past tests, quizzes, vocabularies, and Jeopardys!!  I will send a separatesign email with all Jeopardys this far.  
Thanks for all you do, 
Mrs. Landrum

Nov. 5th - 9th: Thanksgiving Feast Sign Up

Good Morning,
This week we are starting volume in Math and wrapping up matter in Science.  I sent home a sigh up link last week for a Thanksgiving Feast.  Please click on the link  Thanksgiving Feast! to signup for what you may like to bring.  It is going to be delicious! 
Math Moves Quiz: Tomorrow Nov. 6th
Math Fluency: 1,2,3,4,5,6,& 7
Math Test Volume: Nov. 13th

Science Test on Matter: Thursday Nov. 8th
Jeopardy Study Links: 

Oct. 16

Happy Fall Yall,  
Tuesday: iReady Rewards
Thursday: Open House 6pm
Math: Tues/Wed: we will be reviewing the first nine week lessons up to multiplying whole
          Thursday: Common Term Assessment 
          Friday: Starting Lessons 24/25 Volume
Science: Tues: Review Earth's Resources
              Wed: Earth's Resources Test
              Thurs: Starting New Unit
iReady: The second nine weeks has officially started, so your child's iReady goals start over.  
Assigned Lessons: Students are to complete all assigned lessons for an individual grade. (These are based on what we are doing in the classroom and students are given an entire class period to complete their lesson.  Students get additional time as an early finisher if needed). 
Regular Lessons: Students are to complete 5 regular lessons for a grade. These are graded as a pass/fail (20pts per passed lesson). Connection Kiddos are exempt from this assignments due to being out of the class during the power hour. 
iReady Reward: Students are to complete 10 regular lessons (total)/connection kids (5 regular lessons total) for an end of the nine weeks reward.  
Have a great rest of your fall break!!
Mrs. Landrum  

Week of Oct. 8-12

Hello Everyone and Happy Fall,
Next week will be a busy week full of hard work and rewards.  
Division Packet: Movie Marathon will be due on Thursday the 11th for a Major Grade.  All work must be attached for credit. 
Test: The Division of Whole Numbers: Thursday the 11th
Science:  Earth's Resources
Hopefully, you heard about your child's hurricane preparation/construction project.  It was fun and interesting to witness the creativity of your children when constructing their buildings. 
Please continue to study the Jeopardy, outlines, and vocabulary nightly.  We will test on Thursday the 11th.  
Please help your child prepare for their assessments by studying/practicing nightly.  
Movie Marathon Completion: Friday the 12th: We will be having our Reward for the Movie Marathon completion on Friday.  Students may bring a small throw and pillow to lay/sit on during the movie. 
iReady Goal Rewards: If your child has met their iReady goal by 9th they will get a reward on either (Mon. the 15th or Tues. the 16th).  Preparations are still pending and secret!  All the kiddos want to know what the reward is but I am not telling....just yet! 
Behavior Rewards for the Nine Weeks: If your child has a clean sheet, meaning your child has not been put in the log one time (even as a warning) then your child will get a reward the week of the 15-19.  Preparations are still being finalized.  
Have a great weekend and next week!!
Mrs. Landrum

Week's News Oct 1

We are nearing the end of the first nine weeks!  That is unbelievable!!  Time has flown by!!
Science: Earth's Resources (Please study both outlines, vocabulary, and jeopardy's.
Here are the links for Earth's Resources Jeopardy Links to help your child with studying. 
Math: We are starting Dividing Whole Numbers with Two Digit Divisors using area model and partial quotients.  We will be taking approximately two weeks to learn, practice, and master this skill before we test.  This is another unit which students may need extra help to understand.  Students have never divided with two digit divisors yet, so they tend to be unsure of their next move.  They will require lots of encouragement and assurance. 
MOVIE MARATHON PACKET: Students are bringing home a division packet (Movie Marathon), so to allow students to have lots of extra practice.  This packet will be a MAJOR GRADE.  It must be completed and turned in the day of the test.  
Students must SHOW ALL WORK.  Each sheet will be required to be worked out in either area model or partial quotient to assure students are practicing both methods.  I will tell the kids how to work the problems out in class.  Students will write either area model or partial quotient at the top of each page, so they can remember which method to use.
Any packet turned in without work attached will not be accepted.  
Movie Reward: Also, all student who turn in their completed packet on time will get to take a break, watch a movie, and enjoy some popcorn.  By this point they will certainly have earned a nice break!!
iReady: Please check the grade book periodically to check on your child's iReady status.  If their is a blank or a zero for a lesson than they are behind.  All lessons are due by the Oct. 9th.  
Students must complete ALL assigned lessons and 5 regular lessons for a grade.  Students must pass 10 regular lesson to earn a reward.
Connection students are exempt from doing 5 Regular lessons for a grade, due to being out of the classroom during power hour; however, if they would like to work towards a reward than they must complete 5 regular lessons. 
Happy Friday, 
Mrs. Landrum

Week's News 9-24

We are wrapping up Multiplying using standard algorithm (old school style) this week and are testing tomorrow. Wed. 26th. 
Your child should have completed their study guide last night and should look over tonight.  As always the study guides are very similar to the test and a great way to prepare. 
Next, we are starting Dividing Whole Numbers.  This is a tough lesson as well and students will need to be sure to practice nightly. 
Friday: 9/28 Math Moves Quiz and Math Facts Quiz 1,2,3,4,&5
We are starting Earth's Resources TODAY!!
Students have received their vocabulary words today and will get their outlines over the next two days.  The time to start studying is NOW!!

Week's News and Tshirt Orders are DUE Friday!!

Hello All!
I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  I have just finished grading the first Major Math assessment and will be posting those grades. 
Please make sure and check on your child's iReady to make sure they are finishing all their assigned lessons as these are for a grade. You are allowed to complete these at home if needed and can help your child just as you would with their homework. 
TShirt Money is due Friday, Sept. 7th.
We are in the process of planning our first field trip for the first two weeks of Oct.  Therefore, we need our shirts early.  Last year we did not have an opportunity for a second order, so please send in your order.  
The information about our first field trip will be coming home soon!!!
Thanks and Have A Great Labor Day!!

Week's News 8-27

Parents and students, 


I have updated my website and include the highlights below. Please be aware of two Major tests this week, one in Science and one in Math. 



I have posted the open note quiz on Photosynthesis on Power School and will be sending them home.  Two things to look for: 1: If your child did not make a satisfactory grade they need to study a little extra for the up and coming test. 2: If you notice a lot of red pen marks on your child's quiz this means when they checked their close book attempt....they did not prepare adequately and need to study as well.  Students were handed the quiz and had 20 mins. to test themselves (they did not know they were going to be allowed to use their notes; therefore, this is what they really knew) Next, I had students put up their pencil and gave them all a red pen to make corrections with their notes.  I graded for correctness, whether it was a pencil or pen.  I graded with a purple pen, so as not to get confused.  Students had 45 mins to ck their answers.  

Please make sure and study.


Math: Math Test Wednesday on Place Value, Powers of Ten, and Reading and Writing Decimals. 

Also, Make sure your child is completing their assigned iReady lessons.  These are for a grade as well as their 5 regular lessons.  I update the grade book Friday, so if you see blanks for iReady lessons than they may need to do some at home as homework.  


Anytime, Mrs.Landrum


Also, please check your child's agenda for their homework assignments.  Students do this every Monday, so their agenda should be filled out.  My goal is to help them become organized, self intrinsically motivated, and confident 5th Graders who are in the know.  If their agenda is filled out, give them a high five! They can join my website as well. 

Important Science Information/Photosynthesis Part 1

We are busy delving deeper into Science.  This year students are going to experience science in a new way.  They will start becoming scientists.  They will be observing, predicting, hypothesizing, evaluating etc.  Students will also learn a whole new vocabulary.  
In your child's binder tonight you should find three additional items for Photosynthesis Part 1.
Photosynthesis Outline (students will fill in blanks)
Photosynthesis Study Notes
Photosynthesis Vocabulary
Students need to keep these items in this order because there will be an end of the 9wks. binder check for a grade.  This will help motivate students to keep up with their very important binder items to help them study for their cumulative 9wks test. 
The first quiz will be next Thurs., 23rd on all of the covered materials.  I highly recommend making flash cards and studying those notes nightly.  These tests/quizzes are rigorous.   Therefore, it will not just be a vocabulary quiz.  Students must understand the vocabulary and process in order to define and apply the concepts.  
When we finish Photosynthesis, we will test students on part 1 and 2, so students must continue to go back and review part 1 even after the quiz has been taken.  
Have a great rest of the week and happy studying,
Mrs. Landrum

Google Classroom: 
5th Grade Math/Science