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Ocean Springs Upper Elementary Home of the Greyhounds

OSUE Computer Class ROCKS!

Here at the Ocean Springs Upper Elementary, we strive for success and ensure all the students are learning all the skills they need to SHINE BRIGHT!! 
In this class, we will learn typing skills to prep them for the Middle School ICT classes, coding via, basic robotics using the guidelines from, and working with on real-world skills using computers. 
  • 4th-Grade will work on typing skills to get them used to using two hands on the keyboard and weening them off the one-handed hunt and peck approach. We will also dive into some coding.
  • 5th-Grade will continue to expand their typing skills and advance their knowledge in the coding world. Also, we will be using a program called Everfi for a few real-world scenarios on how computers are important in their future. Using Google Classroom,, and stop motion animation. 
  • 6th-Grade will run like a mini ICT class to prep their skills for the tasks to come at the Middle School. Google Classroom,,, robotics, and learning how to podcast. 6th-grade will also help with the production of the school news! 
My classroom curriculum runs parallel with Mrs. Remel's class. So no matter what computer teacher you have at the UP all the students will be learning the same information. We plan our lessons together to make sure of that!  
Let's face it the world is expanding and it's becoming more and more digital. Technology changes by the hour and my goal is to keep the students on the track to learn with it. 
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Parents check out a few of the websites we work with throughout the year!
6th Grade Digital Media Class Google Classroom Code-  j3dcyd7
Parents with students in this group, please use this code to get all information on what projects we will be working on.
Below are the Google Classroom Codes for Mr.Q and Mrs. Graham's Classes.